X-Ray Gum

The X-Ray Gum is a Spy-Candy from Spy Fox: Dry Cereal. SPY Fox uses it to determine which diode, key, or punch card he needs to disarm the Milky Weapon of Destruction.

Spy Fox: Dry Cereal

In all versions of the storyline, SPY Fox must use the gum to look inside Mr. Udderly in order to find the disarm code that Mr. Udderly ate (as he had to do that in order to prevent William the Kid and his henchmen from finding out he had it). Because Mr. Udderly is uncomfortable with pain and it being mentioned he faints, giving SPY Fox the time he needs to find the disarm code. The disarm code will tell SPY Fox which Diode, Key, or Punch Card he needs to disarm the Milky Weapon of Destruction. SPY Fox automatically stops using the gum when the player chooses to.


  • If the player tries to use the X-Ray Gum on Monkey Penny, she will either remind Spy Fox the gum only works on things that are beefy or ask if she needs to slap Spy Fox (to which Spy Fox apologizes for).
  • Unlike most gadgets that remain stationary for transport use, thrown away, get broken, or used, the x-ray gum can be used many times in the game and still remain in Spy Fox's gadget supply pocket.


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