Wishing Well
Wishing Well
Race Well
Gender Male
Voice actor(s) Ken Boynton
Location Darkness' Garden
Game(s) Junior Adventure Games
Pajama Sam: "No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside"

The Wishing Well is a sarcastic, gloomy wishing well who gets water, pours it in a hole, and then starts the process all over again. A pile of pennies lay by his side, throwing one in will make him say his wish, not the thrower's.

Pajama Sam: "No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside"

The Wishing Well is in Darkness's Garden surrounded by thorny briars. In some cases, Sam can go across the garden to meet Wishing Well, but in the Wishing Well storyline, Wishing Well's location is completely surrounded by briars, preventing Sam from going across the normal way and forcing him to find another way. Sam can find another way in the underground caves with the help of some oars, allowing Sam to get onto Wishing Well's bucket and get to his location where his lunchbox is.

When Sam introduces himself, the Wishing Well says that Sam can call him one of the following names listed below. When Sam asks the Well why he is named that, he replies that it's not his name, but Sam can call him that if he wants to.


  • Poppamelon
  • Wagalubadon
  • Finglebert
  • Brafleglop
  • Plambria
  • Hamgleener
  • Exogomper
  • Gibbleostemy
  • Calnibonyx
  • Coereopsys
  • Kerphlopagus
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