Race Machine part
Voice actor(s) Rick May
Game(s) Junior Adventure Games
Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening

"Who am I? Only the most important piece in the whole Sun Machine, that's all."

The Wingnut is a piece of the Sun Machine whom Pajama Sam must find him in order to help fix the weather. Wingnut is a very sarcastic, attitude like being. He is responsible for holding an otherwise loose support beam in place. He was voiced by Rick May.


Wingnut can be found in 2 places:

  1. Down the drainpipe near the sun machine. Have Sam pry the drain open with the crowbar and then head to the snowflake shrinking machine. Upon shrinking himself, he can fit down the pipe and locate Wingnut.
  2. Or stuck in the water tank that fills the bottles of rain. Sam needs to get a form for a rubber band (for the water tank) in order to get it repaired. Once it is repaired after being signed by the Vice President in charge of office supplies (where you need to feed the paper weight Cheese Giblets to distract him), Wingnut will wind up in a bottle. Take Wingnut to the cafeteria to release him with the bottle cap opener.


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