Ok! It's been around three and a half months and nobody has commented or opposed. I herby declare that the Backyard Sports Wiki and the Humongous Entertainment Games Wiki are now officially partners!

Original Post

Recently I was contacted by DarkQueen110 (The Admin of the Backyard Sports Wiki) who asked to use some information from the Backyard Sports related pages here at the Humongous Entertainment Wiki. I proposed the idea of partnering our two wikis. This partnership would entail a joint effort in gathering information about the Humongous Entertainment franchise. The Backyard Sports wiki would be in charge of all things Backyard Sports related (i.e. games, characters, plush toys, etc...) and the Humongous Entertainment wiki would be in charge of everything else.

Wiki Partnership

I wanted to ask the community if you guys and gals like this idea. Are you excited? Do you have ideas? What are your thoughts on this partnership?

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