It has come to my attention that RRabbit42 has suggested I pick up the title of becoming this Wiki's administrator and adopt it, seeing as the only admin EDlTOR (that's not an "I", it's a lowercase "L") has not been on here for about a year since I wrote this blog. I'm pleased to have been cleaning up some work that the original guys may've left behind, that includes making sure the infobox templates not need having their names specified by using the magic word "PAGENAME".

Should EDlTOR eventually come back on here, I'd be happy to meet not only him, but also to know who might be the founder of this Wiki. It sure gets hard figuring out who made the less common ones that their founder fades into obscurity. Thanks for reading! --Breakin'Benny (talk) 09:25, March 12, 2015 (UTC)
PS: In case you're wondering about me and Sweden, the first Freddi Fish game was the only Humongous title to be published here. I have spoken to a Ryan, nicknamed as OfficialWindowsTV on YouTube in an e-mail about Humongous games never being published in this country. Apparently, the problem with no Junior Adventure games or otherwise related ones dubbed in Swedish was that the team was balling on how they should have their games localized and translated. Here's a quote from him, all spelling or grammar errors kept in:

"I understand that Freddi Fish 1 was the only game to be translated in Swedish I do with that all of them could have been I really do. If Levande Böcker is the creator of this version I don't think it was because of him at that time Humongous was still deciding how they can do translation games, I'd hate to say it but it might be for HE's fault."


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