Toll Bridge
Toll Bridge
Race Bridge
Gender Male
Occupation Gate Guard
Voice actor(s) Bob Zenk
Location River Crossroads
Game(s) Pajama Sam: "No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside"

The Toll Bridge is one of the characters in Pajama Sam: "No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside".


The Toll Bridge guards the entrance to the park. When Sam goes to the Bridge, he asks to go across, but the bridge tells Sam that in order for him to go across, he has to pay a toll which is one pound of gold. After Sam gets the gold from the mines, he returns to the bridge and hands him it. After weighing the gold, the toll bridge will allow Sam to pass.

After Sam leaves the park for the first time, the bridge tells him that he has to stamp his hand if Sam ever wants to come back (this safety measure is because people had previously cheated him).

The Toll Bridge appears in all versions of the game but he is only important in the Secret Mines storyline.


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