The Other Carrots

The Other Carrots are the food characters from Pajama Sam in "No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside".

Pajama Sam in "No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside"

The carrots of the Salad Liberation appear only in the Salad Liberation storyline.

Prior to the game's start, the Salad Liberation Front, who were "A group of veggies fighting against the course system" that were tired of being "relegated to the salad", made it their goal is to become the main course of mealtime. However, their plans were cut short when a majority of the carrots were taken prisoner by the appliances in Darkness's kitchen and left imprisoned within Fridge.

In the Salad Liberation storyline, Sam finds Carrot in Darkness' garden and Carrot reveals who he is and what his goal is. Carrot promises to give Sam his mask in exchange for Sam helping him free the carrots from Fridge in Darkness' kitchen.

When Sam arrives to Fridge, he tricks the Fridge into thinking he has come to imprison Carrot into him. Fridge falls for this and opens his door in order to let Sam put Carrot into imprisonment. However once he does that, Sam and Carrot reveal to the other carrots that Sam and Carrot are allies and that the carrot allies are now finally free. The Salad Liberation Front then escape Fridge to continue their plan and Carrot returns Sam his mask before leaving to rejoin his fellow carrots.

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