Test Room

Test Room is a mini-game in Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening.

This is the test room control panel. You can grow the fruits and vegetables you see at the bottom of the screen (and more) by following the recipes. Scroll through the recipes (with the purple arrows) to see what else you can grow and what ingredients you need. Then click on the appropriate objects on the right to produce your item.

For instance, if you want to grow an apple tree you'll need to click on four suns and four rain clouds. You'll also need to click on the apple seed packet at the bottom right of the panel screen. Then click the Go button and watch the test room apparatus go to work.

Depending on the game path, Sam may need one of the items you can create in the test room -- or you can scroll through the recipe book and put the machine through its paces just for kicks and giggles!


  • Apple: 4 parts Sun, 4 parts Rain, and 1 Apple seed
  • Banana: 3 parts Sun, 5 parts Rain, and 1 Banana seed
  • Cucumber: 2 parts Sun, 4 parts Rain, and 1 Cucumber seed
  • Eggplant: 5 parts Sun, 1 part Rain, and 1 Eggplant seed
  • Rainbow: 3 parts Sun and parts Rain
  • Hail: 1 part Rain and 3 parts Cold
  • Tornado: 1 part Sun and 5 parts Wind
  • Hurricane: 4 parts Rain and 5 parts Wind
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