Spy Fox


Spy Fox
Spy Fox.png

Race Red Fox
Gender Male
Occupation Spy
Favorite Foods Pancakes
Voice actor(s) Bob Zenk (1997-1998)
Mike Madeoy (1999-present)
Andrew Wale (British, 1997-present)
Daisuke Sakaguchi (Japanese Dubs)
Game(s) Junior Adventure Games
Spy Fox: Dry Cereal (1997)
Spy Fox 2: Some Assembly Required (1999)
Spy Fox: Operation Ozone (2001)
Junior Arcade Games
Spy Fox in Cheese Chase (1998)
Spy Fox in Hold the Mustard (2000)

The name's Fox, SPY Fox.

Spy Fox is a fictional spy and the main protagonist in the SPY Fox series. Originating in 1997, Spy Fox has been in a total of five games, three of which are of the Junior Adventure series. He makes cameo appearances in Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse, Putt-Putt Travels Through Time, Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell, Putt-Putt: Pep's Birthday Surprise, Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening, and Pajama Sam's Sock Works. He has been voiced by Bob Zenk and Mike Madeoy.


Dry Cereal

The game is an adventure game centered around the fictional island of Acidophilus in Greece. The villain in this game is William the Kid, the CEO of the Nectar of the Goats (N.O.G.) Corporation tries to eliminate cow's milk from the earth by kidnapping cows and his rival, Mr. Udderly, the president and CEO of Amalgamated Moo Juice Incorporated. Kid plans to capture the cows, frame them and eventually take over the dairy world.

Some Assembly Required

The game is an adventure game centered around the World's Fair. The villain in this game is LaRoach, the leader of the Society of Meaningless Evil, Larceny, Lying and Yelling (S.M.E.L.L.Y.) tries to disrupt the fair by using an evil Dogbot, a 1000/1 scale robot capable of destroying the fairgrounds.

Operation Ozone

The game centers around Spy Fox on a world wide mission. The villain in this game is Poodles Galore, the self-proclaimed "Queen of Cosmetics". Poodles has sent a giant aerosol satellite into orbit to destroy the planet's ozone layer, so everyone will have no choice but to purchase her latest sunscreen, making her fabulously rich and bringing her to the top of the cosmetics world.

Cheese Chase

Russian Blue steals the famous Limburger cheese from a museum. In 100 levels, SPY Fox rides various vehicles like a water bike and a motorcycle and gets around goons by throwing bananas and plungers at them. Along the way, Fox picks up oil cans to run the bike and stray pieces of cheese. On the final level, he gets the cheese back from Russian Blue.

Hold the Mustard

This game is an arcade game centered nowhere in particular. The evil King Konglomerate, maker of fine mustards, is fed up with poor sales of mustard over ketchup. He plans to send his robots to capture all the tomatoes in the world and launch them into a black hole. Its up to SPY Fox to fly in his Multiple Environment SPY Ship, (M.E.S.S.) and stop King Konglomerate's robots from stealing all the tomatoes in the world.


  • "I'm on my way, Chief."
  • "Splendid!"
  • "Ah, Monkey Penny. Now this is a real TV dinner."
  • "(Coughs) So much for Sneaky Spy maneuver #37!"
  • "Well, of course it's smelly if you got it out of a trash can. You need a hobby."
  • "A toothbrush! And I sure could do with one after that airplane meal."
  • "I'm in no mood to tickle the ivories now."
  • "'Tanks' 'tanks'."
  • "So that's where I left my anvil."
  • "What good is this without helium."
  • "I don't think I can have my cake and eat it too."
  • "The one time I don't need a cab!"
  • "A bit weighty for me!"
  • "I'm in there like swimwear."
  • "Why thank you, Prime Minister."
  • "The one time I don't need a cab"
  • "What good is this without helium?"
  • "A bit weighty for me"
  • "You had me wigged out for a second there"
  • "This isn't such a safe bet."
  • "The name's Fox, Spy Fox!"
  • "Your Mother must be so proud."


Spy Fox is an anthropomorphic red fox, normally seen wearing a white tuxedo, black pants, and a black bow tie. He does not wear shoes. He has a large tail with a pastel-colored tip.

Alternate names

  • Spy Max (Russian)


In the original US version, Spy Fox is largely meant to be an imitation of Maxwell Smart, the lead character of the 1960's television comedy series Get Smart. This is visible in his high nasal voice and his occasional use of Smart's catchphrases, his voice is also similar to Inspector Gadget from the 80's television series. Like Smart, he is a bit clueless and bumbling at times, but usually he is clever, resourceful, and generally talented in his work, often becoming overconfident.

However, in the UK dub of the games, Spy Fox is shown to be much more suave and well-poised, mimicking his inspiration of James Bond. In the US version of the games, he often introduces himself using James Bond's catchphrase when the latter introduces himself.


  • Spy Fox makes a cameo appearance in one of the Pajama Sam books.
  • In the demo of Blue's Birthday Adventure, he makes a cameo as one of the characters who randomly appears on an click point of a birthday card (complete with a short version of his theme).
  • His favorite food is pancakes.
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