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Spy Fox: Operation Ozone
Fox 3 Box.jpg
Developer(s) Humongous Entertainment
Publisher(s) Infogrames
Release Date(s) March 26, 2001
2015 (iOS)
Genre(s) Point-and-Click, Arcade
Platform(s) Windows 95 - Windows XP
Engine SCUMM

Spy Fox: Operation Ozone is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Humongous Entertainment for the Windows operating system in 2001. This is the final game to star Spy Fox.


In this game, Poodles Galore, the Queen of cosmetics, has blasted an enormous aerosol (hairspray) space station into orbit and set it off. The constant blast of aerosol will deplete the entire ozone layer within a matter of hours, leaving the planet at the mercy of the ravaging sun; she herself will benefit from this because her cosmetics production company markets sunscreen at an SPF level of 2001. The world will have no choice but to buy Poodles' super sun block. The SPF: 2001, the only sunscreen product with a strong enough sun protection factor to block the onslaught of the sun. It's up to SPY Corps and their top agent SPY, Fox to muzzle that Poodle for good.

Spy Fox has to locate a piece of chicle, the hairspray satellite's APD number, and either a prickly pear pizza or a secret doughnut XY and either a freshwater pearl or a chunk of beauty clay to stop Poodles Galore.

This time around, the Mobile Command Center is located above the bowling alley, which SPY Fox can enter using the correct jukebox number. After disguising as one of Poodles' bowlers, SPY Fox can use the bowling ball gadget (supplied by Professor Quack) to rescue the cosmetics expert Plato Pushpin (the bowling ball captures its "pin" when it comes in contact with it). He will give SPY Fox a list of items needed to create the congeal pill to disarm Poodles' hairspray can. SPY Fox will search the doughnut/pizza shop ran by rising star Pia Zadonut, Poodles' factory, the desert, the jungle, the lake and other locations in order to get these vital ingredients.

SPY Fox can enter Poodles' moonbase to turn off the forcefield so SPY Corps can take her in. SPY Fox must unlock the right fingernail design in order to turn it off. Afterwards, Monkey Penny and the SPY Corps come right in and send Poodles away to jail. The chief awards SPY Fox with a trophy and asks him what he will do now. SPY Fox ends the game by saying "I think I'll take a vacation. I'm dog tired."


Basic gameplay involves simply clicking on things to have SPY Fox interact with the world. The player advances by solving puzzles, talking with people and obtaining the required item to move forward. There are also an array of gadgets provided by Professor Quack that can help SPY Fox on his way, some of which include Rocket Powered Origami Skateboard, Spy Bowling Ball and Pearl Detector.




Items Needed for the Congeal Pill



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