Sam's Bedroom
Pajama Sam Sam's Bedroom
Vital statistics
Sam's Bedroom
Inhabitants Pajama Sam

Sam's Bedroom is the place where Pajama Sam spends most of his time playing with toys. This room is featured in four games with three of them being just cutscenes. The room is shown in both messy and clean states, much like a real child's room.

Pajama Sam in "No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside"Edit

The bedroom serves as the first location in Pajama Sam in "No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside". After the introduction, Sam must find his three pieces of superhero gear hidden in the room.


The bedroom features a single full size bed with a coat rack to its left and wooden dresser to its right. A double-door closet lies on the right wall of the room. As with most children's rooms, Sam's bedroom is full of toys that are strewn all over the place.


Game InformationEdit

Room Number 2
Room Selection Name Samsroom

Pajama Sam's Sock WorksEdit

Sam's bedroom is shown briefly during the introduction cutscene in Pajama Sam's Sock Works. His mom enters the room and gives him a basket of socks to sort. Sam reluctantly agrees to help and decides to take a nap before sorting the socks.


The bedroom in Sock Works is identical to the one shown in Pajama Sam 1. There are slight differences however, as the lamp is smaller, the curtains are drawn, and his pillow is lying flat.

Lost & FoundEdit

Lost & Found Sam's Bedroom

Sam's messy bedroom.

Like in Sock Works, Sam's bedroom is only shown during the introduction cutscene. Sam is playing with some action figures when his mom tells him he needs to clean up his room. Sam dons his cape and begins by searching under the bed.


In Lost & Found, the room shown from a new angle. It is very messy. Everything from clothing to food to toys are spread around the room. A note is on the door reminding Sam to clean his room. Sam's mask and a replica of Pajama Man's flashlight can be seen on the bookshelf to the left.

Pajama Sam's One-Stop Fun ShopEdit

One-Stop Sam's Bedroom

Sam's clean bedroom.

The room is only shown during the initial cutscene in One-Stop Fun Shop. Sam is happy that his chores are done and mentions that he now has the opportunity to play with his One-Stop Fun Shop.


The room is viewed at the same angle as Lost & Found. This time the room is very clean. The main difference is that the bookshelf has been moved closer to the bed and Sam's One-Stop Fun Shop is resting on top.