Rado Room Rabbit

The Radio Room Rabbit is one of the characters in SPY Fox in "Dry Cereal".

SPY Fox in "Dry Cereal"

The Radio Room Rabbit only appears in the Diode storyline.

In the Diode storyline, when SPY Fox first arrives in the Radio Room, he finds the Rabbit working and is surprised that someone was inside. The Rabbit asks why is he here as the room has restricted access and SPY Fox states he is just doing routine inspection. Because the rabbit is keeping the radio room working and will not leave unless there is an emergency power outage, SPY Fox won't be able to take a diode from the radio room unless the rabbit leaves.

Finding the gerbil power supply room, SPY Fox pulls a nearby lever which causes some hung carrots to rise up and the gerbils to fall asleep due to only having any motivation to run because of the carrots. The power subsequently goes out and the rabbit leaves through the hallway in order to get the gerbils back at running. While he is out, SPY Fox can enter through the one-way door to the radio room and take a diode with the help of the Night Vision Shoe. After the power comes back on, SPY Fox leaves the room and the rabbit subsequently returns back to work.

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