Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside
Pajama Sam Box Art
Developer(s) Humongous Entertainment (Win, Mac)
Mistic Software (Wii)[1]
Publisher(s) Humongous Entertainment (1996)
GTI (Russia)
Majesco Entertainment (Wii)
Release Date(s) Original: August 6, 1996

Reprint: September 7, 1999
Atari Re-Release: 2002
Wii: 2008
iOS: 2012

Genre(s) Point-and-Click, Adventure
Platform(s) Windows 3.1 - Windows XP
System 7 - Mac OS 9.2.2
Engine SCUMM
Input device(s) Keyboard and Mouse

Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside is a "point & click" adventure game in the Pajama Sam series developed by Humongous Entertainment for the Windows and Macintosh operating systems in 1996. Since then, the game has been re-released several times. In 2008, it was repackaged by Atari and Majesco Entertainment as Pajama Sam: Don't Fear the Dark and released for the Nintendo Wii.

When initially released in 1996, the game was priced at US $49.95. It was significant because this is the first Humongous Entertainment game to have changing game paths. Most Humongous games made after this would feature changing game paths, increasing its replayability. (Games prior to this usually had some sort of variation each time the game was played, such as different letters and locations in Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise, different bottle locations in Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds, etc.) It was also the first Humongous game to experiment with lip-sync in character animation, most prominent in cut scenes, as in other shots (such as in a typical clickpoint/walk-through screen) there is no lip sync when characters speak (similar to previous Humongous games).


One night, while reading the first issue of Pajama Man, Sam's mom enters his room reminding him that tonight is the night he sleeps with the lights out. Sam feels confident having his Pajama Sam mask just in case. After saying goodnight, Sam's mom turns off the light and closes the door. Sam tries to reassure himself, but the dark bedroom looks pretty creepy. Boldly, Sam transforms himself into Pajama Sam and decides to confront and capture Darkness, but first he must find his Pajama Sam gear: Pajama Sam Mask, Signature-Edition, All-Metal Pajama Man Lunchbox (or Portable Bad Guy Containment Unit), and the Illuminator Mark V Jr. Flashlight.

After finding all three items, he enters the closet, but the door closes behind him, then he falls into the Land of Darkness and lands on a giant baseball glove. After crossing a bridge, Sam is caught in a trap by several trees acting as custom guards. After taking his stuff away, the trees allow him to enter. Sam must then retrieve his three belongings before confronting Darkness. He goes on a quest: spanning a river, exploring a lava-filled mine, and both as well as in Darkness' house.

When Sam has retrieved his gear, he enters Darkness' closet and faces him. After Sam explains what he is going to do, Darkness asks why Sam would be afraid of him if he is the one who will be contained in the box. Sam, seeing that Darkness has no friends of his own, agrees to play a game of cheese and crackers with him. After winning a game, Sam tells Darkness that he should get home before his mom gets worried. They agree to play again tomorrow night. After jumping into his bed and saying goodnight to Darkness, Sam drifts off to sleep.


Pajama Sam features gameplay similar to the other Humongous games. It is played almost entirely with the mouse, using a left click to interact with the environment. Sam has an inventory which can be accessed at any time by hovering the mouse at the bottom of the screen. The save screen can be entered by pressing the S key and the load screen the L key. The Spacebar pauses the game, allowing several game options. The game is quit by either an option in the pause menu or pressing the stop sign.

Throughout the game's course, players are challenged with solving puzzles and interacting with characters. Puzzles are solved by using items to manipulate something in the environment. These items are usually found scattered around the game world or are obtained for other characters. All items are accessible through the inventory mentioned above and all have a purpose during the game.

Socks are collected as part of a large, optional "scavenger hunt". While in the land of darkness, Sam is encouraged to find and collect ten pairs of socks that have been thrown about. When each sock is discovered, the player is taken to the laundry room and places the sock in a laundry bin. After all ten socks are found, a "special animation" plays when the player re-enters the laundry room. This room can be accessed any time by clicking on the laundry basket icon in the right corner of the inventory.

Characters and Items

  • Pajama Sam
  • Darkness
  • Otto - Otto is a talking wooden boat that is moored up (on the shore) at the rivers in the grounds of Darkness' house. Initially, he is stationary because he strongly believes that wood sinks, however Sam drops a plank of wood in the water that floats and so Otto is able to jump in the river and give Sam a ride. Sam using Otto is compulsory and helps him do many things, including finding the mask (game depending), the lunchbox, and the flashlight (game depending), as well as the oil can to unrust King's wheels and the door hinges of the shack along the river.
  • King - King is a one-carriage mine cart that is stationary as Sam enters the minds, unable to move because his wheels have rusted to the tracks. Sam quickly oils them and King becomes free to move, and also takes Sam on a ride inside the labyrinth of mines. The mines contain the flashlight (game depending), the piece of gold, a pair of sliding doors that go into Darkness' ground floor (these are only excitable into the mine from the house in some games) and also features its very own arcade game (game depending). The mine itself consists of a whole maze of different tracks that Sam chooses to go down.
  • Carrot - The talking carrot is placed in the vegetable patch of Darkness' garden, and in some games, he is wearing Sam's mask. He does a deal with Sam; he will give him the mask only if Sam takes him to the fridge in Darkness' kitchen. Sam does this and retrieves the mask.
  • Pajama Sam Customs - These talking nasty trees remove all of Sam's items at the start of his adventure (and also tie him up in a rope hanging from a tree, which Sam manages to free himself from).
  • Ms. Tree - This talking tree is on the other side of the path to the customs and she is much nicer than the customs trees, and lets Sam use her rope for his adventure.
  • Rox (The three rocks) - Darkness has a unique way to enter his house; a basket on the path requires weights to be thrown into another basket above, so the basket is weighed down and the other basket goes up to the house. Sam uses these rocks (which however don't talk despite being living things) to throw into the basket as weights.
  • Mail Box - This talking mail box, near the rocks and basket claims he doesn't have any mail inside.
  • Couch - This is one of the dancing furniture in Darkness' Living room. Underneath it in some games is Sam's mask, he has to go into the room while invisible in order to retrieve it.
  • Lamp - Another dancing furniture in Darkness' Living room.
  • Hat Rack - Ditto.
  • Coffee Table - Double ditto.
  • Bowling Trophy - Triple ditto.
  • Stereo Player - Quadruple ditto.
  • Fridge - A fridge in Darkness' kitchen, if Sam has the carrot with his mask on with him, the carrots are freed and Sam is given his mask.
  • Measuring Cup - A dancing measuring cup that dances and sings if clicked.
  • Salt and Pepper - Dance and sing if clicked.
  • Meat Mincer - Ditto, if clicked.
  • Knife - Double ditto.
  • Oven - Triple ditto.
  • Chicken - Quadruple ditto.
  • Dumbwaiter - A food elevator (lift) system that stops on two floors; the kitchen or the laboratory on the bottom floor. It isn't possible for Sam to ride the lift down to the laboratory as he would be bypassing the Doors of Knowledge, but it is possible to ride it from the laboratory to the kitchen.
  • The Other Carrots - Carrots who are being poisoned in Darkness' kitchen until they are free to leave.
  • Wink & Blink - These two talking doors host a virtual game show where Sam needs to answer questions in order to proceed through the doors. One question is on the land of Darkness itself and is either; 'What is the reading on the water meter located in the mines near Darkness' house', or 'what colour are the flowers in Darkness' garden'. If Sam hasn't yet physically seen the reading or the colour of the vines, he cannot get the question right yet.
  • Beethoven Bust - A talking bust in the music room (through the Doors of Knowledge).
  • Trombone - A talking trombone through the Doors of Knowledge in the music room.
  • Organ - A talking organ in the music room.
  • Grandfather Clock - A large clock with gears and cogs in a corridor/landing area through the Doors of Knowledge that plays a key part in finding the flashlight in the mines. If the flashlight is in the shack and not the mines, the clock isn't here.
  • Roger, Jerry, and Dan (Candles) - Talking candles at a spiral staircase in Darkness' house
  • Chair - A talking chair in the laboratory.
  • Cello - A musical instrument with hands and feet.
  • The Wisest Man - A crazy character.
  • Cash Register - Another crazy character.
  • Valeria, Sebastian, and Algernon (tree guards) - Three rude trees that only let other trees pass them; Sam therefore disguises himself as a tree to go forward. It leads to Darkness' garden.
  • Wishing Well - A talking well that is in Darkness' garden (however, depending on the path, is inaccessible by going past the trees and the vegetable patch). If this is the case, Sam and Otto swim down to the bottom of the well in the river and Sam climbs up the well to get onto the outside. Sometimes his lunch box is located here depending on the game. In order for Otto to reach the bottom of the well, he requires boat oars to swim up a strong current that Sam collects from the music room in Darkness' house.
  • Toll Bridge - A talking bridge that only lets people go through if they produce a pound of gold. Sam gets this gold from the mine.
  • Toaster - On the other side of the bridge is a park, the talking toaster is playing 'cheese and crackers' which is similar to naughts and crosses. Also in this small area is Bert the Pencil.
  • Shoes - In the park across the bridge.
  • Larch, Birch and Splinter (boards) - Three various boards who are sealing off the entrance to the Secret Mines until Sam pulls them free with the hammer.
  • Bert the Pencil - A pencil in the park used to draw the lines to form a grid. Sam takes the pencil in order to complete a puzzle in the mines to get the flashlight (in some games). If the flashlight is in the shack and not the mines, the pencil isn't here.
  • Jim Jim the Wrench - A wrench that Sam uses.
  • Dynamite
  • Witchers Hats
  • Safety Barriers
  • Sam's brother Mark (mentioned only)
  • Sam's Mom
  • Sam's Dad (mentioned only)


Superhero Gear

Game Items

  • Bert the Pencil: Sam may need Bert to help him finish what someone else started in the mine. Someone mistook Bert for a scoring pencil and left him in the park on the other side of the toll bridge.
  • Carrot: The leader of the "Salad Liberation Front" is on a mission to bring carrots to "main dish" status, but his fellow liberation fighters are trapped in Darkness' refrigerator. Right now the Carrot is using Sam's mask to protect his identity, but he'll give it back if Sam will help him to release the other freedom fighters. You can find the Carrot in the garden, next to the wishing well.
  • Doorknob: If the doorknob to the old riverside shack happens to be missing, Sam's going to need to find a replacement for it. One is hanging around just inside of the Doors of Knowledge.
  • Gears: The winch in the old boarded-up tunnel may be missing a gear, and Sam will have to find a replacement before he can use it to grab his flashlight. The old Grandfather Clock will give Sam a gear if you set his time correctly, but he has a lot of gears. If one doesn't fit, try trading it with the Grandfather Clock for another. The Grandfather Clock stands around the corner, through the Doors of Knowledge.
  • Gold Nugget: Sam needs a pound o' gold before he'll be able to pay the toll bridge and cross into the park. The gold is located inside the mines, down the shaft labeled "GOLD".
  • Hammer: The hammer is great for a lot of things - especially fixing broken furniture (with the help of a nail), or prying boards off of an old mine shaft. The hammer is located inside the old riverside shack.
  • Key: The last key can fit for in the cupboard so Sam can open the lock of Darkness' closet.
  • Log: Sam might use this log to disguise himself as a tree by passing the old grumpy trees, despite that fact he has his head stuck.
  • Magnet: A magnet is just the ticket for retrieving metal objects from places that are too far away, or that would be too dangerous for Sam to reach. The lunchbox, lying beneath the surface of the underground river, or the nail sitting in the middle of a pool of hot lava are a couple of good prospects. If you're looking for the magnet, check the back of the secret door inside Darkness' den.
  • Nail: If Sam happens to break any furniture inside Darkness' house, he'll need a hammer and nail to fix it. You'll find the nail sitting in the middle of a pool of lava, next to the water meter.
  • Oars : If the current is especially powerful, Sam may need some oars to help Otto get up the rapids under the wishing well. He'll find them hanging in the music room, behind the Doors of Knowledge.
  • Oil Can: The oil can is useful for several different things. Counteracting the effects of rust on King, the mine cart, and oiling old rusty door hinges are a couple of its uses. The oil can is sitting next to an old shack by the side of the river.
  • Pickaxe: How are you going to mine all o' that gold without a big pickaxe? Search around inside of the mine. You're sure to find one.
  • Rope: With this, Sam will be able to get the board out of the water. Sam shouldn't have too much trouble finding a rope, after being strung up by the customs trees.
  • Wooden Board : Sam will need a board to prove to Otto that wood really does float! The board can be found floating in the water next to the first bridge he sees upon entering the Land of Darkness.

Locations and rooms

  • Sam's Bedroom - this is the room Sam starts in, where he finds his flash light, lunchbox and mask. These are hidden in any of the following locations; #1 In the top drawer of the chest to the right of his bed. #2 In the bottom draw of the chest to the right of his bed. #3 under the rug in front of his bed. #4 In the dustbin on the left of his bed. #5 Under his bed. #6 Behind the scarf on the coat pole to the left of his bed.
  • Sam's Closet - Sam's Wardrobe is the next room he visits, this takes him to the land of Darkness.
  • The Land of Darkness Outside #1 - The first area of the Land of Darkness that Sam visits. There are no items or socks here.
  • The Land of Darkness Outside #2 - Features socks, a wooden bridge and a plank of wood in the river.
  • The Land of Darkness Outside #3 - Features the trees customs who steal his items, and a friendly tree, and socks.
  • The Land of Darkness Outside #4 - Features a signpost with routes to either the mine, Darkness' house or the docks.
  • Boat Docks - Includes Otto the boat and a sock.
  • River Crossroads - Features four possible ways to go - the toll bridge, the mudpits, the shore with the tree hollow and the boat docks.
  • Toll Bridge at river - features the talking toll bridge and a sock.
  • Park - across the toll bridge is the park which contains the talking toaster, the cheese and crackers game and Bert the pencil.
  • Abandoned Shack at river - features the oil can.
  • Shack Interior - features Sam's flash light (sometimes), however if the flash light isn't there, it will feature a hammer.
  • Rapids - features two rooms of water falls and water rapids.
  • Bottom of Rapids - features the mine track in the distance and sometimes Sam's lunchbox at the bottom of the river.
  • Cave - features a sock, and the bottom of the well in the distance (if the lunchbox isn't at the bottom of the river in the previous area).
  • Geyser - features socks, and a plunge pool shooting Otto and Sam up into the mudpits.
  • Mudpits - features colored mudpits and a sock.
  • Shore with Tree Hollow - features a tree hollow (to disguise Sam) and socks.
  • Path in Woods - features socks.
  • Tree Inspectors - A path where only 'trees' can proceed.
  • Garden and Vegetable Patch - features socks and some times Sam's mask on a carrot on the vegetable patch. Also the well is in the distance. If Sam's lunchbox is visible next to the well, there are thorns blocking it.
  • Bottom of Well - area at the back of the cave featuring a strong current where Otto uses oars Sam has found to swim up. Here is the bottom of the well which Sam uses to get to the top (the other side of the thorns in the garden) to retrieve his lunch box. (If the lunch box isn't located next to the well, this area at the back of the cave/bottom of the well isn't open).
  • The Land of Darkness Outside #5 - features Darkness' 'front door' which is a rope and basket system, where rocks weigh the basket up to the first floor of the house. Also features a talking mailbox and the mines in the bottom distance, as well as a sock sometimes.
  • Darkness' House #1 - a holding landing where Sam can enter the living room or the kitchen or go up the staircase.
  • Kitchen - a room of talking kitchen appliances and a fridge, as well as a dumbwaiter that Sam can send to the bottom floor (but cannot ride from this floor).
  • Living Room - a room of dancing furniture that stop dancing when Sam enters. Sam's mask is sometimes placed here, as well as a digital clock and a sock.
  • Darkness' House #2 - the upstairs corridor of Darkness' house featuring the Doors of Knowledge, or a unique spiral staircase going up to darkness' bedroom.
  • Darkness' House #3 - behind the Doors of Knowledge is an odd room with doors on the ceiling, floor and walls. Also features a door knob that Sam can sometimes use to open the shack at the river.
  • Music Room - A music room featuring many instruments and sometimes a set of boat oars (for Otto) that Sam has to swing on the light to reach. Also features socks.
  • Darkness' House #4 - a room similar to Darkness' house #3 with random doors everywhere; also features a grandfather clock with cogs inside (that Sam uses for the mines) and also features one door on the floor that is unlocked.
  • Darkness' House #5 - through this door is Darkness' library (also known as the den) which features a secret door disguised as a bookshelf. Depending on which side of the door is in view, there is a magnet on it which Sam can collect.
  • Darkness' House #6 - through this secret door is a spiral staircase with talking candles and sometimes a sock.
  • Darkness' House #7 - the bottom of the spiral staircase featuring a door to the laboratory and a sliding door to the upper mines, also features a sock.
  • Darkness' Laboratory - a science lab featuring a potion where different color combinations produces side effects for Sam - including making him invisible for a short time. It also features the dumbwaiter which Sam can ride to the kitchen (if it is on this floor). It also sometimes features a sock.
  • Upper Mines #1 - Features King's starting point and a sock - King (and Sam) can go left or right here.
  • Upper Mines #2 - going right eventually takes you to a room in the mines with a washing machine and a sock. If there was a hammer in the shack on the river, Sam can use this to hammer down planks of wood to enter a secret section of the mine. If the flash light was in the shack, this secret mineway isn't here.
  • Secret Mines #1 - features a room with a rock wall which Sam has to solve a puzzle on with a pencil from the park (across the toll bridge) to knock down the wall.
  • Secret Mines #2 - The flash light is located here - high up on an unreachable platform that is only reachable by connecting a winch to King. The winch requires a clock cog from the Grandfather clock in Darkness' house #4.
  • Secret Mines #3 - Features a room with a light switch to turn on the lights in the previous room. Required to turn on before getting the flashlight.
  • Upper Mines #3 - Features a water meter that is sometimes needed to answer a question at the Doors of Knowledge and some socks.
  • Upper Mines #4 - Features the other side of the sliding doors to Darkness' house #7. Sam can only open them if they have already been opened from the other side.
  • Upper Mines #5 - Features a junction where the player can go right and enter the lower mines or go left to go to Upper Mines #1 (there is sometimes a sock on the way back to Upper Mines #1).
  • Lower Mines #1 - Eventually King will arrive at a large downhill section where he will go straight on or right at the bottom.
  • Lower Mines #2 - Going straight on will take you to another room with a junction, King can go right or straight on. There is sometimes a sock in here.
  • Lower Mines #3 - Going straight on takes King outside of the mine and into the cave for a few seconds, before going back into the mine.
  • Lower Mines #4 - After this, King will enter a section where the track loops round the bottom of the screen to the left, and also where the track goes straight down the middle. There is sometimes a sock in here.
  • Lower Mines #5 - A straight section with pipes on the left where a sock sometimes is.
  • Lower Mines #6 - An uninteractive junction which always takes you back eventually to the Upper Mines #6.
  • Lower Mines #7 - Going left at Upper Mines #1 will take King into a straight section with two crates on the left, sometimes a sock is here.
  • Lower Mines #8 - After this features a junction, a sock is also here.
  • Lower Mines #9 - Going right at the junction to the top of the room takes you to an outside section where the cave is, the track loops here and there is also a sock. It eventually leads back to Lower Mines #8.
  • Lower Mines #10 - Going left at Lower Mines #8 takes you to Lower Mines #10 where there is a gold mine and sometimes a sock. There is only one exit from this gold mound, because the two tracks going uphill are too steep for King to climb so the exit track is on the lower right of the screen. It takes you to Lower Mines #6 (and then eventually Upper Mines #6).
  • Lower Mines #11 - Going to the right at Lower Mines #2 takes you to a crossroads of tracks. It is too steep to go straight on here, King can only go up or down. Going right (down) takes you to Lower Mines #4. As mentioned earlier, Lower Mines #4 also features track going through the track circle; this takes you straight to Lower Mines #10.
  • Lower Mines #12 - Going left (up) at these crossroads takes you to Lower Mines #12 which features socks and the Nugget arcade machine. Going straight on pass the machine takes you back to Lower Mines #11.
  • Outside Darkness' Bedroom - The top of the stairwell outside the door of Darkness' Bedroom. There is usually a sock here.
  • Darkness' Bedroom - Darkness' Bedroom sometimes includes a sock and the closet is locked. A cupboard of keys is in the upper right corner.
  • Darkness' Closet - the finale; inside the wardrobe is Darkness.

Sock locations

Throughout the game, a running gag is the socks Sam has to collect. These are hidden everywhere around the land of Darkness. In every new game, there are 10 pairs of socks to collect. (There are actually well over 20 locations of each individual sock though, they change on every new game). There are in fact socks in almost every room, although some exceptions are the first area Sam visits outside the closet, some areas of the mines and the rivers, the kitchen and some interior corridors of Darkness' house.

Purple socks with rings around the toes and heel

  1. Look in Sam's room at the very beginning of the game (before entering the Land of Darkness). It appears in the front-left area of the screen.
  2. Once you have the flashlight, mask, and lunchbox, go to Darkness's room. This sock is in a similar location to its partner: the front-left area of the screen.

Solid orange socks

  1. In the area near the beginning of the Land of Darkness containing a river and a wooden bridge, look in the grassy area on the right side next to the river. A sock is hiding in the brush.
  2. Travel with King to the area with the large "GOLD!" sign. Head that way until King reaches a large drop and follow the track straight. Look to the cliff to the bottom-right to find this sock.

White socks with two blue stripes around the ankles

  1. At the boat dock (where you meet Otto), look at the tree branch above the dock. The sock should be hanging from this branch.
  2. Head through the Doors of Knowledge (consult section 6 if you need help) and then go right to the next area. Click on the book to the right. You'll arrive in a small library. Note the color of the book in the foreground (it's the Book of Clues). Now look at the bookcase to the right. You need to push in only the books that are the same color as the Book of Clues. When you do so, you'll be able to use the bookcase as a secret passage. Head down the stairs and go into the door with the beaker logo above it. You'll be in the laboratory. Look in the top -right part of the screen. This sock will be hanging from ropes up there.

Purple socks with a lighter purple ring around the heel

  1. Go to the area that can lead to the mine, boat dock, or Darkness's house. In the tree in the top left corner of the screen hides the purple sock. It blends in well, so look carefully.
  2. Another tough one to spot. When riding Otto, go to the area with the large, stone bridge with hands. The sock is hiding in the lower-left corner of the screen among the purple objects.
  3. Right when you get into the Land of Darkness, check out the area with the wooden bridge and river. In the plant in the bottom-right corner of the screen hangs this sock from a branch.
  4. Find your way through the mines to the giant hunk of gold (where you can use the pickax to grab a piece of gold). The sock hangs on a stalagmite to the right of Sam and King.

Solid blue socks

  1. In the entrance to the mines (where King hangs out), look in the bottom- right area of the screen. The sock is near the bottom of the woodwork.
  2. Go to the dock and hop on Otto, then go one screen to the right. The sock is on the cliff on the right side of the screen, directly above the jar filled with red lava/paint below it.
  3. Hop in King and ride to the right. Go up around the area with the washing machine to arrive at the screen with the water meter. Look on top of the pipe on the left side of the screen to find this sock.
  4. Ride King to the area that features a "GOLD!" sign. Go into that area and ride until you overlook a large fall in the track. Follow the straight path, then in the new area you arrive in, click on the path that branches right. On the next screen, quickly click on the path that leads up. You'll be on a screen that holds the Remote Mining Terminal. On the left side of the screen beneath the mine track, the blue sock sits on a small, sunken cliff.

Solid green socks with a small crease near the toes

  1. Ride the waterfall (using Otto) down to the subterranean cave. In the room with the geyser, look to the lower-left portion of the screen. The sock should be stuck on top of a stalagmite.
  2. From the dock, ride Otto straight across the lake and go up one screen. You'll arrive in an area where the path hooks around a large tree in the center. Look in the top-right corner of the screen to find the sock hanging from a tree branch (make sure the hollow log is NOT on your head when you attempt to do this).

Gray socks with red stripes around the ankle and toes

  1. In the screen where the Customs Trees and kind tree grow, look in the top-left corner of the screen. This white sock sticks out against its green background.
  2. Ride Otto to the screen with the small house (where the flashlight often appears). The sock is right above the rightmost corner of the roof of the house. It's in the bushes behind it.

Brown socks with red and orange lines criss-crossing on them

  1. Ride the waterfall to the bottom into the subterranean cave. Continue one screen to the left. On a stalagmite to the bottom-left sits the sock.
  2. Ride King into the mines and head through the entrance with the large "GOLD!" sign above it. When Sam overlooks the big drop, go straight. On this next screen, don't do anything to head through the door on the left. Follow the path and you'll arrive at a curved bit of track (there's a broken link of track in the foreground. The sock sits at the bottom of the screen. It hangs off the edge of the cliff.

Whitish-orange socks with several lines around the ankle

  1. By the carrot patch (across the lake and past the aloof trees) sits this sock. Look in the brambles on the left side of the screen.
  2. Use Otto to ride straight across the lake. Do not put on the hollow log, but walk to the next screen with the large tree in the center. The sock sits at the base of the tree.

Blue-gray socks with three vertical lines stretching down from the ankle

  1. Right outside the door to Darkness's room is a vine growing at the bottom of the screen. This sock sits right on top of that vine.
  2. Head through the Doors of Knowledge (consult section 6 if you can't get through) and go right to the next area. Click on the book (it's really a door) on the far right part of this screen. You'll arrive in a small library. Under the chair (left of Sam's right foot) hides this tricky little sock.

White socks with 2 blue rings around the ankles and blue near the toes

  1. Go to the base of Darkness's house (near the lift and the mailbox). Look toward the bottom of the house in the bottom-right corner of the screen. This sock sits to the right of the mine cart track down there.
  2. Walk through the Doors of Knowledge (consult section 6 for hints as to how to get through them), and travel to the right to the next screen. The sock sits on a door handle on the top-right area of the screen.

Orange socks with red lines on the ankle and red rings on the heel and toes

  1. In the room with the dancing furniture, look at the bottom-left corner of the screen. The sock sits on top of the green branch.
  2. Ride King to the screen with the "GOLD!" sign, and enter that area. When Sam overlooks the large drop, click on the path that curves to the left. After rolling through the short tunnel, you'll drop onto a track that allows you to go left or right. The sock is on a stalagmite on the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Blue socks with red dots all over them

  1. Ride King to the area where the "GOLD!" sign hangs overhead. Enter, and ride through the next screen. Sam will now overlook a huge fall. Here, click on the path that leads left. You'll ride through a short tunnel and arrive at a screen where you can go left or right. Go left. You'll find yourself outside Darkness's house on a long stretch of looping track. The sock lies at the bottom-center portion of the screen beneath the track.
  2. This sock sits to the left of the wishing well. If the path to the well is blocked, then you'll need to do everything in section 5.3.2 to find this sock. Otherwise, you should be able to walk right up to the well and grab this sock.

White socks with red, purple, and blue stripes around the ankle

  1. On the screen with paths to the mine, Darkness's house, and the boat dock, look at the tree branch on the far right part of the screen. It's directly to the right of the sign that says "Dark's House".
  2. Ride King from the mine entrance to the path to the right. You'll find this sock sitting right on top of the washing machine. 

Solid white-orange socks with small crease near the toes

  1. Ride Otto down the waterfall into the subterranean cave. Follow left into the geyser room. The sock sits on the right side of the screen.
  2. Use Otto to cross straight over the lake. You'll arrive at the area with the hollow log. The sock is lying on the right side of the screen under some tall grass (it's right above the french fries).

Solid red socks with small crease near the toes

  1. Hop into King and ride on the path to the right. Head up around the washing machine and left past the water meter. You'll now be at the screen that has the decorated double doors. This sock sits at the top- left/center part of the screen hanging from a withered pipe.
  2. From the mine entrance, follow along the uppermost path. This sock sits on the edge of a cliff on the bottom-left area of the screen.
  3. Head into the mine and travel to the area with the large "GOLD!" sign above. This sock sits in the bottom-center region of the screen hanging from the woodwork. It's tough to see if you're not looking for it.
  4. Another sock that is extremely difficult to spot. Let King carry you to the right until you reach the screen with the washing machine. This sock is on the right side of the screen directly to the left of the gray pipes. It blends in well with the ground, so look carefully.
  5. Ride through the mines to the large "GOLD!" sign. Go in there and head to the part where King overlooks a giant drop. Head straight, then in the new area, go right. You'll now have a choice of going up or down. Choose down. Let King navigate around the curve, then you'll be in an area with a curvy ascent of track. The sock hangs from a pipe on the left side of the screen. You can't miss it.
  6. Once again, get to the area of the mines with the "GOLD!" sign. Enter and head to the large drop and forked path. Follow straight, and then at this new screen, immediately go right. Now go up, and you'll find yourself at the Remote Mining Terminal. This sock hangs off the cliff on the bottom-right part of the screen.

Yellow socks with lines near the ankle, a ring around the heel, and crease near the toes

  1. Go through the Doors of Knowledge (check section 6 for advice) and follow to the right. Go through the secret bookcase, and you'll arrive in the library. Check the color of the book in the foreground and push in only the books in the bookcase that are the same color as the foreground book. Go through this newly revealed passage. This sock will be lying on the third step from the top.
  2. Travel into the Doors of Knowledge (look at section 6) and head through the blue door on the left. In the very back section of the room (right above Sam's head), this sock rests on the large, green vine that grows through the room.

Orange socks with dark red dots all over them

  1. Visit the kind tree who sits directly across from the Customs trees. This sock sits in her branches at the top of the screen. 
  2. Ride on King into the mines until you reach the "GOLD!" sign area. Enter there and ride until you reach the large fall. Choose the path on the left. The sock sits on a box in the bottom-left part of the screen. You have to act quickly, and King moves through this screen very fast.

Solid brown socks with small crease near the toes

  1. Cross the river directly with Otto and run past the aloof trees with the hollow log on your head. This sock sits on the brambles on the left-hand side. 
  2. Go to the mines get into King, go by the Washing Machine then if the door is there, get the boards out of the way, get the pencil and turn on the lights and it should be on the lower broken track. 

Gray sock with two green stripes around the ankle and green near the toes

  1. Head into the Doors of Knowledge (section 6 is helpful) and then right to the next area. Go through the book on the right, and you'll land in a library. Push in all the books on the bookshelf that are the same color as the book in the foreground. Head through his secret passage and down the stairs. In this room with doors to the lab and the mines hides this sock in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Get the pickax from the mine and use it to grab a piece of gold. Use this to pay the stone bridge with large hands that hangs over the river. Go across the bridge and talk to the pencil. Now head back to the mines and head right repeatedly until you reach the wall with numbered dots on it. Use the pencil to connect the dots, and the area will be blasted open for you. Sam will whiz through a darkened area. When he finally finds himself in the light again, the sock will be hanging from the woodwork on the bottom-right corner of the screen.

White socks with three dark-green stripes around the ankle

  1. Cross the river directly with Otto and run past the aloof trees with the hollow log on your head. This sock sits on the brambles on the right-bottom side.
  2. Go to the mines get into King, go by the Washing Machine then if the door is there, get the boards out of the way, get the pencil and turn on the lights and it should be on the broken track in front of Sam.

Solid, light purple socks

  1. While on Otto, head down the left path on the river down the waterfall to the underground cave. Follow left until you reach the geyser room. This sock rests on a rock just to the left of the geyser on a rock.
  2. Head straight across the river with Otto to arrive at the area with the hollow log. The sock hangs from a tree branch in the top-left part of the area.

White socks with three dark-red stripes around the ankle

  1. White sock sticking out of organ pipe.
  2. White sock hanging to center of support strut under pathway, under right doorway.



"(Sniffles) I assure you, we have no interests in your stuff."

"I like cheese."
"Hey, who doesn't?"

—Sam and Otto chit-chatting


  • Pamela Segall Adlon - Pajama Sam
  • Ken Boynton - Tree, Wishing Well
  • Kathy Levin - Tree
  • David Scully - Darkness, Carrot
  • Rodney Sherwood - Customs Tree
  • Jeff Steitzer - Mail-Box, Toaster
  • G. Valmont Thomas - Customs Tree
  • Stephan Wyle - Otto, King the Mine Cart, Lead Tree
  • Bob Zenk - Tree, Toll Bridge, Bert the Pencil


  • Cheese is a reoccurring element in Pajama Sam. It is mentioned by many characters and found in many places.
  • This was the second Humongous game to feature a revamped "HE!" logo (the first being Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse) design that was featured on all Humongous releases from 1996-2001, followed by Junior Adventures had an additional "It's a JUNIOR ADVENTURE!" screen appearing after the Humongous logo.
  • When Sam finds a log, he almost eventually exposes his head like an ostrich.
  • When Sam uses 'dangerous' objects on objects or characters (like the pickaxe or hammer), he will say it won't be friendly because he might hurt the characters or break the objects.
  • The music when Sam enters the kitchen has a striking resemblance to the opening of "Stray Cat Strut" by The Stray Cats (Kitchen music here).


The number of possible games is pretty easy to calculate. Each of Sam's things can have two possible locations:

  • Lunchbox: Can be underwater or in Darkness's garden.
  • Flashlight: Can be in the abandoned shack or abandoned mine shaft.
  • Mask: Can be in Darkness's garden on Carrot or in Darkness's living room.

There are six possible paths. The total number of possible games is 2*2*2 = 8. This does not include the locations of socks, the color of the flowers in the garden, or anything else that isn't a straightforward "game path."



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