NOG Guards

The N.O.G. Guards are a group of guards in SPY Fox in "Dry Cereal". They are a male monkey, a male dog and a female rhinoceros that guard William the Kid's office because it contains the key wallet (Key storyline) or the punch card's location on the easel (Punch Card storyline).

SPY Fox in "Dry Cereal"

These guards appear only in the Key storyline and the Punch Card storyline.

In both storylines, the guards are guarding William the Kid's office to prevent anyone but Kid himself from entering since the office (in both storylines) contains something that will assist SPY Fox on getting the required item to stop the Milky Weapon of Destruction. As SPY Fox can't get past the guards without blowing his cover, he must use the Spy Trap to goad the guards into making a grab for the coin-disguised trap. After a long while, the guards give in to the temptation and all make a grab for the coin, causing the trap to trap the guards in a net that gets attached to the ceiling.

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