Jocinda Smith
BYS Jocinda
Gender Female
Birthday September 28
Nickname(s) "MVP"
Favorite Color Blue
Game(s) Backyard Baseball
Backyard Baseball 2003
Backyard Football
Backyard Hockey
Backyard Soccer
Backyard Skateboarding

Jocinda Smith is a reoccurring playable character in the Backyard Sports series.

Player CardsEdit

Backyard SoccerEdit

At the offensive end of the field, Jocinda's pretty good at everything. When it comes to heading the ball, she's far above the pack."

Skill Ratings

Kicking BYS Skill IconBYS Skill IconBYS Skill Icon BlankBYS Skill Icon Blank
Control BYS Skill IconBYS Skill Icon
Defense BYS Skill Icon
Running BYS Skill IconBYS Skill Icon


Backyard SoccerEdit