Jersey Langston III
Race Snowman
Gender Male
Occupation Assistant
Birthday August 18
Favorite Foods Sushi
Favorite Color Periwinkle
Voice actor(s) Rick May
Game(s) Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening

Jersey Langston III is a snowman who works at World Wide Weather's Snow Machine. He is really vain and mostly cares about his appearance, which is why Carrot tells him to "think about the Big Picture" for a while.

In gameplay variants where Langston's nose is Carrot, he is only willing to let Carrot go if Sam brings him a new nose to match his outfit.


  • Jersey's noses can be Carrot, a banana, a cucumber, or an eggplant.
  • Jersey's hat is purple (like an eggplant), his tie is yellow (like a banana) and his vest is green (like a cucumber).
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