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Granny Smythe
Race Apple
Gender Female
Voice actor(s) Lauren Tewes
Game(s) Junior Adventure Games
Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet

"That's right! I'm Granny Smythe! With a "Y", mind you! Get it right!"

Granny Smythe is a green apple who represents the the Fruits at the Food Peace Conference on MopTop Island. She can be found trapped somewhere in the Bluburbs. She was voiced by Lauren Tewes.


Granny Smythe appears as an elderly Granny Smith apple. She wears a pair of cat glasses hung up by a row of pearls and bright red lipstick. And just like the other delegates, she wears a straw hat.


Granny Smythe is located somewhere in the Bluburbs. She will either be trapped on a stone in a lake of caramel or stuck with dancing soda cans.


Granny Smythe is either …

Swimming in the Caramel Pit

  1. Pick up the lift ticket near the plumbers.
  2. Look at the lift ticket to follow Paper’s path.
  3. Find the plunger on the ski slopes.
  4. Show the plunger to the plumbers so that you can use their wrench.
  5. Turn off the water at the top of the pipe.
  6. Replace clogged pipe with new one.
  7. Turn the water back on at the top of the pipe.
  8. Ask Rock for the super plunger.
  9. Trade the regular plunger for the super plunger.
  10. Use the super plunger to rescue Granny Smythe.


Dancing with the soda cans

  1. Get the red shoes from Mickey Hollandaise.
  2. Give the shoes to Selina Celery.
  3. Give Zing, the head soda can, the Free Dance Card.
    • Selina will show up and teach the soda cans a new dance that will free Granny Smythe.