George Someone
Race Staple Remover
Gender Male
Occupation Personnel Manager
Birthday January 3
Favorite Foods Apples
Favorite Color Black
Voice actor(s) Jack Angel
Game(s) Junior Adventure Games
Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening

"Boy, I could sure go for an apple..."

—George Someone

George Someone is the Personnel Manager for World Wide Weather. He loves apples. He is voiced by Jack Angel.

Freeing Y-Pipe

If Y-Pipe is stuck in Foster/Humphrey Boondoggle's locker with a lock on it, you should find the combination of his birthday to open it. To do that, you should go to World Wide Weather lunchroom and take an apple core out of the trash, which says: "Baltimore!" in reply to it. Then go to the test room, put the apple core in the machine and make a recipe for apple. After that get back to World Wide Weather and go to George Someone's office.

Give the apple to him. He'll thank you and say: "This is a terrific looking apple!". However, as he's in the office where he's not supposed to eat in, he's going to go to the lunchroom to eat it and allow you to help yourself to whatever you need while he's gone. And with these words he'll go out of the office and leave you alone there. You can click the boxes to find the combination out of the employees' personnel records and have it. Then you must go and enter the correct combination on the locker to free Y-Pipe.


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