Race Halibut
Gender Male
Family Mrs. Halibut (mother)
Game(s) Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds

Gabby is Mrs. Halibut's son.


Gabby is a small purple fish with blonde hair and a red cap.


In all the stories in the first game, Gabby's tail is stuck under a heavy rock in a cave with a small opening. His mother is too big to fit inside, so she asks Freddi and Luther for help. Entering the cave, they find out that the rock trapping Gabby down is too heavy to budge. After Freddi and Luther use a wooden board to pry the rock off and free Gabby, they high-five each other and mother and son are reunited. As a reward for saving her son, Mrs. Halibut gives the duo a purple sea urchin before they leave.

Gabby and his mother are later shown as Freddi and Luther return the kelp treasure to Grandma Grouper, but only if the player has Freddi and Luther save him. If not, that segment is skipped.

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