Maze Madness has various different types of enemies:

Angler FishEdit

Angler Fish

The Angler Fish only moves in a horizontal line. It will continue in one direction until it reaches a wall, at which point it will begin his journey back. It Freddi gets too close to it, the angler will turn towards her and growl as it begins the chase.

It's speed is moderate, being slightly less then Freddi's.

Puffer FishEdit

Puffer Fish

Puffer Fish aren't similar to the Angler Fish: they wander in a seemingly random direction through the mazes. If one spots Freddi, it will inflate and begin to pursue her. Alone, these foes are easily avoided; in a group they can be quite dangerous.

It's speed is slower then the Angler Fish overall. This makes the puffer the slowest of the enemies.



The Crab is similar to the puffer fish, in that it can move in every direction. Unlike the puffer however, it's movement is greatly increased when it moves horizontally. In contrast, the crab's vertical movement is reduced to lower than that of the puffer fish. If Freddi gets too close to one, it will snap its claws and start chasing her.



The Shark has the same movement as the puffer fish but is noticeably faster.

It's speed is slightly faster then Freddi. If one spots her, it will begin to continously laugh and start chasing her.



The Squid is the counterpart of the crab: it moves faster vertically than horizontally. If it spots Freddi, it will make a weird noise and start chasing her.

Junkyard DogfishEdit

Junkyard Dogfish

The Junkyard Dogfish has the same movement as the shark: it moves faster then Freddi in all four directions. Unlike the shark however, it is capable of sensing Freddi from long distances, its movements are smarter and harder to avoid. If it spots Freddi, it will bark and start chasing her.

Little Green WormEdit

Little Green Worm

A Little Green Worm, although listed as an enemy, is "more of a treat than a hazard," according to the Maze Madness help screen. The worm moves slower then the puffer fish and will try to flee if Freddi gets too close. Freddi gains 10 points for every worm she eats.