Below are all of the designers that worked on Freddi Fish and Luther's Maze Madness. This list can be found at conclusion of the game and in the help file.

Maze Madness Designed ByEdit

  • Rhett Mathis
  • Kris Summers


  • Kris Summers

Project Lead ProgrammingEdit

  • Rhett Mathis

Additional ProgrammingEdit

  • Dolores Carney

Sound EffectsEdit

  • Rhett Mathis

Game Level DesignEdit

  • Rhett Mathis
  • Dolores Carney

Art LeadEdit

  • Tom Verre

Lead Ink and PaintEdit

  • Jay Sopp

Digital Ink and PaintEdit

  • Clayton J Corbisier
  • Colis Tennery

Maze Element ArtEdit

  • Mike Paganini
  • Greg Griffith


  • Edward Pun
  • Jay Sopp
  • Colin Odell

Additional ArtEdit

  • Tom Verre
  • Greg Griffith
  • Colin Odell
  • Scott Brothers
  • Erik Haldi
  • Leah Verre

Music Produced, Composed and Performed ByEdit

  • Jeremy Soule

Dialog Written ByEdit

  • Laurie Bauman Arnold
  • Tom Verre
  • Rhett Mathis

System ProgrammingEdit

  • Brad P Taylor
  • Jason King
  • Brian Brown
  • Ron Gilbert

Dialog EditingEdit

  • Laren Crawford

QA Manager and LeadEdit

  • David Nixon


  • Marcus King
  • Zenon Thornton
  • Mike Denlinger
  • Ruth A Lopez
  • Sonny Plotner
  • Shane Hendrix
  • Jason Stiney
  • Michael Gilbrough
  • Kyle Caperson
  • Cullen Hadersburger
  • Kevin E Johnson
  • Lawton Watkins

Help File EditorEdit

  • Steve Johnson

Featuring The Voices OfEdit

  • Mike McAuliffe
  • Annette Toutonghi

Special Thanks ToEdit

  • Bret Barrett


  • The Help File contains slightly more detail in regards to what characters the voice actors portrayed. Mike McAuliffe was the voice of Luther and Annette Toutonghi was the voice of Freddi.