Foster/Humphrey Boondoggle
Foster Boondoggle
Race Marker
Gender Male
Occupation Worker at World Wide Weather
Birthday Varies
Favorite Foods Potato Chips
Favorite Color Green
Game(s) Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening

Foster Boondoggle (or Humphrey Boondoggle in the UK dubs) is a marker who is an employee of World Wide Weather.


Foster/Humphrey's favorite color/colour is green and his favorite/favourite food is potato chips/crisps. His locker combination is his birthday. He also leaves his key card on a table, which Sam uses to get into World Wide Weather's Control Room. He does not make any physical appearance in the game, only as a photo.


  • It's possible Foster/Humphrey may be in the bathroom in the pathways that don't require it if either the Automated Snowflake Inspector or Velocimomometer aren't in there he'll say it's occupied and would eventually yell go away if Sam knocks on the door repeatedly.
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