Digital Make-Up Compact Decoder

The Digital Make-Up Compact Decoder is an item in SPY Fox: Operation Ozone. Agent Pins intercepts it from one of Poodles Galore's cronies. SPY Fox can use it to decipher Flotilla's code phrases to obtain the Amulet of Chiclepichu. Pressing any of the eyeshade buttons will display the proper counter phrase on the compact's monitor.

Code Phrases

  • Minty Green Loot Creme: Poodles don't like Spare Changers.
  • White Pants Face Powder: Hang on the Backyard Line.
  • Pink Hoochi Poochi Shadow: Delight in Big Heists.
  • Blue Powdered Pussy Cat Shadow: Scratch when Slighted.
  • Corinthian Wrinkles Be Gone Creme: Warm Leather Makes it Hard to get out of the Bucket Seat.
  • Salt and Pepper Sprinkle Creme: On Eggs Over Easy.
  • Make a Dish Foundation: Pancakes Forever.
  • Dixie's Flaming Lip Gloss: Hot Hot Hot.
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