Darkness' Kitchen
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Darkness' Kitchen is the kitchen in Darkness' house. With few exceptions, all the characters in it, including Sam, only sing or speak in rhyme. The refrigerator that is holding the carrots of the Salad Liberation Front is here.

Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside

The kitchen appears in all versions of the game and it is important to go here when retrieving Sam's Pajama Sam Mask.

In the Salad Liberation storyline, Sam will use Carrot to trick Fridge into thinking he is here to put Carrot away in imprisonment. Fridge falls for this and allows Sam to open him up to imprison Carrot. However Carrot reveals to the imprisoned carrots that he and Sam are allies and the carrots are free, allowing the carrots to get out of Fridge and out the kitchen. Carrot returns Sam his mask back before rejoining the other carrots.

In the Darkness's Living Room storyline, Sam, while under the effects of the Invisibility Potion, will need to go here via the dumbwaiter so he can get to the living room and take his mask before the potion expires.



Sharp is my wit
I'm hard as steel
Chop things to bits
For a tasty meal

Into the brew
It's piping hot
We'll make some stew
Of all you lot

Love to cut,
Slice, mince, and clash
My job is a rut
Without much cash

Tempered, shining,

Sharpen up
My blade and then
These vegetables
I'll julienne

All of you
Go in the stew
I'll miss ya too
So say adieu

Salt and Pepper

Seasoning, seasoning,
That's all evening
Darkness likes his food with zing

and a good book
Darkness will eat
anything that will cook

and a nice Dress
what he likes
what anyone gets

Moon stones, baby stones
and a red-shoe
for Darkness any old
thing will do


Darkness' thirst is just the worst
He drinks so much
You'd think he'd burst

Hot and cold and flavors bold
The coffee's black
The milk's got mold


Chunks of food for darkness' stew
Turn my crank and watch me spew

My job is a daily grind
I've got mincing on my mind


I've got baking down to a science
I'm the biggest household appliance

Bake, broil, simmer, saté
All my friends think I'm flambé

Chicken in a Pot

Pointless brooding
I've eshewed
I go to the pot
In a pretty good mood

Although shortly
I'll be chewed
I must conclude

That there's no time
To get stewed
Soup happens when you are
Tasty food

When I'm brewed
I shall exude
An attitude
Of gratitude

For good taste
is my attitude
Soup happens when you are
Tasty food


That's a no-no
We avow it
No we simply
Can't allow it

That's a no, no
whale blow-it
Nobody sits
like careful low-it

Give it to me
And I'll take it right up
To Darkness where he'll
Gobble it up


In Darkness's house it's always lunchtime.
Just be prepared to be prepared.

In Darkness's house it's always lunchtime.
All the time lunchtime, munch time crunch time

I can't let you in, for you might liberate.
The carrots that I'm holding for the huge green salad!

The Carrot Liberation Song (Use Carrot on the Refrigerator to trigger this song.)

Pajama Sam: Please, won't you open the door since I have another victim?

Carrot: What!? I surrender not ever--oh wait, now I see

Fridge: You now have captured that troublesome carrot leader guy
I'll open up my door so you can put that rogue inside my drawer

Carrot 1: Oh no! Our orange leader was caught

Carrot 2: Our fight for our freedom for naught

Carrot 3: We are diminished

Carrot 4: Completely finished

Carrot group: Carrots

Carrot: Hey guys! Don't you see he's with me and you're free to go?

Carrot group: Free?

Carrot: Yes, free

Carrot group: Free?

Carrot: Uh-huh

Carrot group: Free free free
Free free free free

Carrot: I almost forgot this, but you've earned it.
You have taken the tide and turned it.
You may take this mask and wear it;
A gift of gratitude from this carrot.

Pajama Sam: Hooray! I finally have my mask!
One/two more thing(s) and I've finished my task!/At last I can fulfill my task!

(After Sam finds his things)
Pajama Sam: Polishing up the fuel of fairs,
Is Darkness' at the top of the stairs.



Pajama Sam - Musical Kitchen

Pajama Sam - Musical Kitchen

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