Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Chips is an item found in Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise.

Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise

Fatty Bear will need chocolate chips in order to make Kayla's birthday cake. Fatty Bear will find the chocolate chips in the center cabinet above the kitchen counter. After Fatty Bear is in the kitchen with the chocolate chips, he will automatically place the baking powder on the counter.

If the puppy was freed before you got the chocolate chips, the puppy will steal the chocolate chips from Fatty Bear as soon as he gets them and run off with them until it crashes into the hole in the attic door, causing the chocolate chips to slide inside. If this happens, Fatty Bear will need to get the attic unlocked, so he can retrieve the chocolate chips and continue with putting all the necessaries on the kitchen counter for the birthday cake.

When used for making the cake, Fatty Bear will need to input all the chocolate chips into the mixing bowl.

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