Chicken Knuckles

The Chicken Knuckles are an item found in SPY Fox in "Dry Cereal".

SPY Fox in "Dry Cereal"

SPY Fox will need the Chicken Knuckles if he must distract the hungry Alligators blocking his path to the dairy cows by feeding them. Chicken knuckles are bought from Bea Bear in the Greek Cantina and SPY Fox can obtain them by placing his money on Bea or the Chicken Knuckles on the sign (Regardless of the choice, Bea states it is Fox's funeral). After that, SPY Fox must put Secret Sauce on the knuckles and head back to the alligator pool. SPY Fox then must feed the alligators the chicken knuckles. After they eat, the alligators will fall asleep due to the Secret Sauce's side effect on alligators.

According to Bea, the Cantina is required by law to sell Chicken Knuckles as "to-go meals" because once people eat them, they are forced to go to the bathroom.

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