Buzz and Glo's Do-it-yourself Beauty Shop
Buzz and Glo's DIY Beauty Shop
Vital statistics
Location Moon City

Buzz and Glo's Do-it-yourself Beauty Shop is a location in Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon.

Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon

There is nothing to do in this location that is necessary to the game, but there is a mini-game where customers can be given new looks by using a machine that separately changes the appearance of a customer's head, body, and feet. There are 11 different looks for each part, plus a Bigger Fatty Bear head with a mask and snorkel, so combining these can give 1452 different looks to the various customers.

Sometimes, after a change in appearance, the customer can say whether his appearance is "very unusual" or "interesting." But if the player clicks on the customer or leaves, he says, "Thanks for your help. Bye." And then the trap door opens and he is taken down.

But no matter what the appearance, the customer will always speak in the same deep voice.

Debug Information

Room Number 21


  • This is the only head in which the eye is used as a mouth.