Below is a list of all the designers that worked on the GBA version of Backyard Skateboarding.

Humongous Entertainment


  • Susan Merrill

Associate Designer

  • Bob Givnin

Executive Producer

  • Skip Saling

Design Director

  • Rick Moe

Senior V.P./G.M.

  • Andy Hieke

Special Thanks

Original Game Concept

  • Rafael Calonzo


  • Wondergroup

Full Fat

Executive Producer

  • P. Ranson


  • A. Docking


  • C. Daniels
  • F. Raoult

Modelling & Animation

  • J. Bamborough
  • M. Reeve
  • M. Overbeck

Background Art

  • T. Chen

Additional Art

  • S. Ruthner
  • J. Byrne


  • J. Barnard

Business Development

  • Paul Adams


QA Manager

  • Ezequiel "Chuck" Nunez

Q.A. Testing Supervisor

  • Jason Kausch

Lead Tester

  • Anthony Ma

Assistant Lead

  • Quang Nguyen


  • Jonathan Pasamonte
  • Justin Goldstein
  • Feisal Maroof
  • Darren Krommenhock
  • Joshua Lanada
  • Robert Tibbetts
  • Matt Rush

Manager, Engineering Services

  • Dave Strang

Engineering Services Specialist

  • Ken Edwards

Engineering Services Technicians

  • Eugene Lai
  • Dan Burkhead

I.T. Manager/Western Region

  • Ken Ford

Manager Of Technical Support

  • Jimmie Lee

Director, Strategic Relations

  • Joy Schneer

Sr. Manager, Strategic Relations

  • Cecelia Hernandez

Strategic Relations Specialist

  • Arthur Long

Licensing Specialist

  • Christ Munson

Director Of Manufacturing

  • Eddie Pritchard

Lead Senior Buyer

  • Lisa Leon

Senior Buyer

  • Gardnor Wong


  • Tara Moretti

Materials Planner

  • Janet Sieler

Process Planner

  • Nichole Mackey
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