Backyard Baseball 2003
Backyard Baseball 2003 Box
Developer(s) Humongous Entertainment
Publisher(s) Humongous Entertainment
Release Date(s) June 6, 2002
Genre(s) Point-and-Click, Sports
Platform(s) Windows 3.1 - Windows XP
System 7 - Mac OS 9.2.2
Engine SCUMM
Input device(s) Keyboard and Mouse

Backyard Baseball 2003 was released in June 2, 2002 for Windows and Macintosh computers, with Mike Piazza of the New York Mets as the cover athlete. This game features 31 pros and 30 Backyard kids as well as the Create-A-Player feature. Mr. Clanky is also featured in this game, but the World Series has to be completed in Season Play to unlock him.

The ClubhouseEdit

  • The Clubhouse is the main menu of the game, and the options are this:
  • Ball And Glove: Replay the opening intro.
  • Batting Practice: Practice hitting the ball.
  • "Cards"/Meet The Players: Look at what players are in the game, and at their cards.
  • Hall Of Fame: Look at achievements and statistics of past seasons.
  • Season Play: Play a season, either with 16 games or 32 games.
  • Single Game: Play a single game on any one of 12 (or 14 if you finished the World Series) fields.
  • The Left Arrow button: Quit playing and return to the desktop.
  • The Right Arrow button: A single game with random players.

Pro PlayersEdit

All 31 pro players in this game were representing one of 30 teams in Major League Baseball.

Player Team Representing
Troy Glaus Anaheim Angels
Jeff Bagwell Houston Astros
Tim Hudson Oakland Athletics
Carlos Delgado Toronto Blue Jays
Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves
Richie Sexson Milwaukee Brewers
Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals
Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs
Randy Johnson Arizona Diamondbacks
Shawn Green Los Angeles Dodgers
Vladimir Guerrero Montreal Expos
Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants
Jim Thome Cleveland Indians
Ichiro Seattle Mariners
Cliff Floyd Florida Marlins
Mike Piazza New York Mets
Jeff Conine Baltimore Orioles
Phil Nevin San Diego Padres
Greg Vaughn Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Nomar Garciaparra Boston Red Sox
Ken Griffey Jr. Cincinnati Reds
Todd Helton Colorado Rockies
Carlos Beltran Kansas City Royals
Jimmy Rollins Philidelphia Phillies
Jason Kendall Pittsburgh Pirates
Bobby Higginson Detroit Tigers
Brad Radke Minnesota Twins
Alex Rodriguez Texas Rangers
Frank Thomas Chicago White Sox
Derek Jeter and Jason Giambi New York Yankees